McDonald's: Famous Orders

For the 2020 Super Bowl, we created a spot that celebrates the fact that everyone has their go-to McDonald's order.


Yes, all featured orders are the person’s actual go-to order. Except Dracula. We made that one up.  


People on the internet had some opinions about it. Especially about Kim Kardashian’s order. This Buzzfeed article sums it up best.

There were also some animal rights advocates who were pretty pissed at our commercial’s inclusion of the big bad wolf. Sorry guys, public domain characters are free to use! We had no choice! If you didn’t like the spot feel free to sign their petition at


On the night of the Super Bowl, we tweeted customized tray images for hundreds of fans who responded to our spot with their order, including some fans that happen to also be brands...

Made at Wieden + Kennedy in 2020
Creatives: Sean Johnson, Lauren Acampora, Facundo Pagilia, Marc Duran Rojas,
Group Creative Directors: Jaclyn Crowley, Brandon Henderson
Director: Malcolm Venville
Director of Photography: Tobias Schleissler
Editor: Robert Duffy
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter 
Flame Artist: Anne Trotman