McDonald's: Quarter Pounder with Cheese

For the first McDonald’s work out of the gates from WKNY, we crafted a campaign that celebrated every detail of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese by using six short spots to highlight all six of the Quarter Pounder’s key ingredients one by one. The idea was that now that the QPC is made with 100% fresh beef, it’s perfect made perfecter (because everything else about it was already 💯). 

Our ads, voiced by Brian Cox, premiered during the 2020 Grammy's over the course of the three hour broadcast.


Brian Cox’s narration created a lot of excitement on Twitter (and Esquire)...  

Made at Wieden + Kennedy in 2020
Creatives: Sean Johnson, Lauren Acampora, Garrick Sheldon, Marc Duran Rojas,
Creative Director: Jaclyn Crowley
Director: Joy Kilpatrick